The frightful situation of the tower has made once more the high virtues of our children known to Italy.

Will life ever be free from these terrible exploitations and sufferings?

It was a true privilege to share a part of that beautiful, but sometimes incomprehensible fairytale that is our life, which one day enabled us to meet by chance like all the most beautiful things. And it is thanks also to you Gloria, for having captured the heart of our friend with so much sweetness and tenacity, you were oxygen and light for him and permitted him to capture all of the beauty that life had to offer.

“An open hand to give, an open hand to receive” this is the Open hand that delivers concepts of generosity, opportunity and friendship with it, could a badge that bears all these values be given by someone else if not from you? I would say not.

A reality that is too great, the journey of an incomprehensible destiny.

It seems strange to write a letter without having known you, nevertheless there are times when it is not really necessary, it feels like we are as close as siblings, that is how you make me feel