I am really honoured, happy and excited to receive this unexpected acknowledgement. I am very pleased that the time and commitment I devoted to the development of two projects about Valcellina – a land I feel very close to – have been rewarded.
May my hearty thanks go to the Foundation, first of all to Daniela and Giannino, whose selflessness, resolution and inner strength should be an example for everybody.
When I first heard of this contest, of Grenfellove itself as well as of Marco and Gloria, two happy, young and brilliant architects all of us can imitate, I really realised how appreciable Daniela and Giannino’s efforts were.
When everything seemed lost and covered with a dark layer, they showed a unique and enviable fortitude.
Tulips came to my mind, my favourite flowers. After blooming, their petals and leaves slowly turn yellow and finally fall down every year. During winter their bulbs only remain, covered with soil and ice, but in springtime tulips defy nature and start sprouting again, after the frigid winter. Over the years they keep finding strength for looking gorgeous again and use to do their best for it.
This is my greatest and tenderest wish for Daniela and Giannino.