21 07, 2023

Filippo Piana wrote

When I started writing my thesis, many doubts arose about how to proceed and the subjects to face. Eventually, also thanks to my supervisor’s help, I found inspiration in a novel dealing with territorial survey in a lively and captivating way. As we have become accustomed to travelling and catching

7 04, 2023

Clarissa Attombri wrote

Climate impacts represent a great threat to any territory and are the issue my master’s thesis originated from. Measures to prevent or minimise impacts that may occur are implemented through climate adaptation planning, a practice that can make use of either engineering solutions or others being more in harmony with

15 11, 2022

Alberto Pedon wrote

I am grateful and honoured that my thesis, developed together with my colleague Mattia Minato, has been awarded. We look up in admiration to the Foundation and its mission of being an instrument to enable other young people to achieve their dreams, just as Marco and Gloria were doing. Scholarships

15 11, 2022

Elisa Risoli wrote

Receiving the Grenfellove prize has been an honour and a big surprise, a victory that made me proud and that rewarded me for many years of sacrifice during the university period. I will always be grateful to the Foundation. The story of Marco and Gloria is particularly close to mine:

15 11, 2022

Fabio Carella and Matteo Faccin wrote

The scholarship which has been offered to us by the Foundation has been a marvellous surprise. Our thesis project aims to offer solutions for the population and the individual citizens who live in urban contexts where menaces often look more numerous than opportunities. We decided therefore to propose, from our

15 11, 2022

Valentina Morgante wrote

Achieving such a beautiful and important goal, as a degree is, forces one to review the route they just accomplished. I go back to who I was five years ago quite tenderly: a person with little experience but a lot of hope in those people who would come with me

15 11, 2022

Melissa Costa wrote

A spark for my thesis came from the clear transformation nature has undergone in metropolitan areas. This urges one to reconsider the city forms as a whole, by using the urban patterns as a testing field able to give birth to new scenarios. After this hard work, to which sacrifice

21 03, 2022

Andrea Fedrigo wrote

I am really honoured, happy and excited to receive this unexpected acknowledgement. I am very pleased that the time and commitment I devoted to the development of two projects about Valcellina – a land I feel very close to – have been rewarded. May my hearty thanks go to the

17 03, 2022

Chengxuan Li wrote

I am honoured that my thesis has been awarded by the Foundation Grenfellove Marco and Gloria, since it represents a very important moment in my academic career and a good start for my professional future. Before presenting my application for the scholarship, I reconsidered Marco and Gloria’s experience and story:

8 11, 2021

Giacomo Checchin wrote

The project I developed is set timewise in 2012: it is a retrospective project that respects criteria and objectives that the client set out but doesn’t avoid the design aspects connected to safety and fire prevention, whose costs are made economically viable through an extension of the tower itself. The