This fairy tale is dedicated to our beloved son MARCO, a symbol of kindness and love, who will forever remain engraved in our hearts and in those of the people who loved him, together with his inseparable partner, GLORIA.

Giannino e Daniela

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Marco and Gloria are the image of the best youth. Good, generous, polite and strong-willed people. 
After studying Architecture in Venice and graduating with full marks, they fly to London, an open and multiethnic town, to start their professional career. Within a few weeks they both find jobs as architects in two different studios.
They live in a beautiful flat on the 23rd floor of Grenfell Tower, in the district of Notting Hill.
They are very happy together. After long hard years, they finally feel fulfilled. 
Maybe, it is all too good to be true; it is a dream, a mirage.

14 June 2017 arrives…

Grenfell Tower, through the will of their parents and friends, has to transform from a symbol of death into a symbol of life, love and hope. From Grenfell Tower to Grenfellove.

This Foundation was born with the aim of enhancing and promoting youth education, by taking inspiration from the beautiful story of Marco and Gloria. 


At the foundation of all superstructures, there is an obligation to avoid risk and take no chances, it is the essence of the construction industry; Projects cannot only be created and completed as there are always important moral implications.

Once the groundwork has been carried out with careful consideration and awareness to all conceivable complications, the Architect will be able to draw their conclusions and create new shapes and forms complying with the ethics of the society.

Only then will they draw and invent new forms, which will generate new means of life.

– Franco Albini –

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