I am grateful and honoured that my thesis, developed together with my colleague Mattia Minato, has been awarded.
We look up in admiration to the Foundation and its mission of being an instrument to enable other young people to achieve their dreams, just as Marco and Gloria were doing.
Scholarships are an incentive to nourish one’s culture and continue one’s education, a useful mean to become more aware of how important is making good architecture and being good designers.

Receiving the Grenfellove prize has been an honour and a big surprise, a victory that made me proud and that rewarded me for many years of sacrifice during the university period.
I will always be grateful to the Foundation.
The story of Marco and Gloria is particularly close to mine: it touches deeply my heart, since the winning thesis has been composed with four hands, by me and my partner, Fabio Mantovani, a relationship started among the university desks and continued in our private life.

The scholarship which has been offered to us by the Foundation has been a marvellous surprise.
Our thesis project aims to offer solutions for the population and the individual citizens who live in urban contexts where menaces often look more numerous than opportunities. We decided therefore to propose, from our point of view, some simple actions which would enable local authorities to take down this chimera and make cities safer and more liveable for their inhabitants.
The acknowledgement and the prize delivered by the Foundation made us proud and gave us the awareness that we must never stop fighting for and dreaming of what you believe in!

Achieving such a beautiful and important goal, as a degree is, forces one to review the route they just accomplished.
I go back to who I was five years ago quite tenderly: a person with little experience but a lot of hope in those people who would come with me along this route. I can’t call it a long route anyway, because its end, which seemed to be so far and unreachable, is now a pleasant memory.
Time flew by, albeit rapidly, and busy days full of obstacles were scattered with a lot of people who – each in their own way – added a piece to this story and undoubtedly turned me into the present person; I’m referring to my professors, who played a substantial role in my building my knowledge; to my newly-acquired friends, who shared my everyday life; and, obviously, to my family, who supported me and has been constantly teaching me values I will always carry with me. This award allows me to include, although only remotely, also other people to such a long list: Giannino and Daniela, whose dedication and love for us young people I deeply appreciate.
I’m twenty-five now and I am in a wind whirl of changes due to passing time. In this turmoil of emotions, doubts, and questions, I feel only right to address my thoughts to Marco and Gloria: in my own small way, I hope that the passion and love I put daily in my developing career may make them a little bit proud.

A spark for my thesis came from the clear transformation nature has undergone in metropolitan areas. This urges one to reconsider the city forms as a whole, by using the urban patterns as a testing field able to give birth to new scenarios.
After this hard work, to which sacrifice and passion have been companions, receiving this award makes me grateful and honoured.
I would like to thank the Grenfellove Foundation – Daniela and Giannino in particular – for trusting me and my work and, first of all, for the opportunity they offer worthy young people of fulfilling their dreams with the same strength and resolution that were Marco and Gloria’s characteristics.
I feel really obligated for being included in this project and for being enabled, in my own small way, to help keep these two young persons’ memory, passion and fortitude alive.

Music and dance with Luis Lanzarini, the string quartet of the Filarmonìa Veneta orchestra, Lincoln Veronese, Walter Bonadè and Angela Gonella’s Academy Danza honour the third anniversary of Grenfellove in the Romano Pascutto theatre in San Stino di Livenza (metropolitan city of Venice), where donations are collected to finance the completion of a Snoezelen multisensory room in the same town for disabled children’s learning support.