I am really honoured, happy and excited to receive this unexpected acknowledgement. I am very pleased that the time and commitment I devoted to the development of two projects about Valcellina – a land I feel very close to – have been rewarded.
May my hearty thanks go to the Foundation, first of all to Daniela and Giannino, whose selflessness, resolution and inner strength should be an example for everybody.
When I first heard of this contest, of Grenfellove itself as well as of Marco and Gloria, two happy, young and brilliant architects all of us can imitate, I really realised how appreciable Daniela and Giannino’s efforts were.
When everything seemed lost and covered with a dark layer, they showed a unique and enviable fortitude.
Tulips came to my mind, my favourite flowers. After blooming, their petals and leaves slowly turn yellow and finally fall down every year. During winter their bulbs only remain, covered with soil and ice, but in springtime tulips defy nature and start sprouting again, after the frigid winter. Over the years they keep finding strength for looking gorgeous again and use to do their best for it.
This is my greatest and tenderest wish for Daniela and Giannino.

I am honoured that my thesis has been awarded by the Foundation Grenfellove Marco and Gloria, since it represents a very important moment in my academic career and a good start for my professional future.
Before presenting my application for the scholarship, I reconsidered Marco and Gloria’s experience and story: their passion and love for architecture and for the future impressed me a lot. I sincerely hope that professionals like us will be able to preserve the memory of these two young people also by contributing to the topics of care for the territory, environment, and building safety.
Similarly to the winners of the previous editions, I am proud to have been part of this beautiful initiative and, at the same time, I would like to express my sincere admiration for the cause of the Foundation and the vision guiding its president, Mr Gottardi.

The project I developed is set timewise in 2012: it is a retrospective project that respects criteria and objectives that the client set out but doesn’t avoid the design aspects connected to safety and fire prevention, whose costs are made economically viable through an extension of the tower itself.
The methodology that brought me to the definition of the project is intrinsically connected to the analysis of current UK regulations, which dictate limits and at the same time the possibility of development of the restoration and extension of the tower.
This work wants to highlight the design potential that can be born out of the necessities dictated by the fire regulation and energy compliance, demonstrating how the restauration of the Grenfell Tower could have also been a great occasion of urban regeneration for the whole area adjacent to Lancaster West Estate.
My intention and the intention of the tutors who helped me was to stress with this thesis the importance and responsibility that is in every architecture project and remember in this way Marco and Gloria, without saying their names as a form of respect.
I only met Marco and Gloria through the witnesses of the ones who told their story.
Their story is the realisation of a dream that many people and many young architects like me have: to find a place, in Italy or abroad, in which to reach with satisfaction their own potential and their passion for architecture.

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to the Foundation Grenfellove Marco and Gloria ONLUS for giving me the possibility to win this scholarship. I feel honoured to have taken part in this project and to have contributed to the pursuit of the objective on which it is based: keeping alive the memory of two young people, brave, in love and passionate about their job. Just as the memory is a fire that needs to be nourished, so Marco and Gloria’s dream of creating a laudable future through passion and love for architecture cannot fade away. This dream is kept alive also through our dreams and, most of all, through the will of Giannino Gottardi and Daniela Burigotto to assign scholarships for education and training of young worthy students.

I am honoured to have been chosen as the winner of this scholarship. I had the opportunity to exchange a few thoughts with Mr Giannino Gottardi, president of the Foundation, who gifted me wise reflections together with the sweet memory of Marco and Gloria, their dreams and their determination. Two young people who represent all of us, dealing with our studies and with endless enthusiasm towards the future. The themes highlighted by the scholarship, such as restoration, safety and architecture in general, are typical of my education as an architect, which mostly coincides with the education of Marco and Gloria. The determination and dreams of these two young people will be kept alive by the future architecture students and by the efforts of Giannino, Daniela and the entire Foundation, in order to always transmit the courage of taking a chance without expecting anything for granted.

I am very happy that my thesis has been chosen among the shortlisted ones in my session. It’s gratifying to see that the work my colleagues and I have developed with passion is appreciated, giving us the possibility to take part in a commendable initiative like this. Considering the times, we do not know yet how the prize will be used, but it will surely be part of the foundations of our professional future.