In memory of Gloria Trevisan and Marco Gottardi, who died in the tragic fire that occurred in the Grenfell Tower in London on June 14th, 2017.

Gloria Trevisan and Marco Gottardi met in 2014 at Venice University’s Faculty of Architecture.  

After graduating with honours in January 2017, they decided to move to London together to begin their professional careers.  

In March 2017 less than two months later, they had both found promising positions and careers in two different Architectural Studios in London. They lived in a wonderful apartment on the 23rd floor, located in the prestigious area of Notting Hill with superb views overlooking the city.  

They had a wide circle of friends from all around the world and with whom they had become close to in the few months there, such a short space of time.  Their friends were always competing with one another to visit and be able to spend an evening in such a fantastic apartment and location with Gloria and Marco.  

Gloria and Marco were so happy and so much in love and they had created so much together in that short space of time, they were living their dream.

However, tragically and due to human greed on the 14th of June 2017 they faced a very horrific destiny, a disastrous fire broke out in a lower floor apartment of the Tower block and it dispersed out of control.  It took away with it many lives, including that of these two wonderful young people.

They had departed from Italy full of enthusiasm for the future, they had clear goals and an aim in life.  Their desire was to build a future and a career together, to do what they both loved and what they had arduously studied for many years.  This was a possibility that was almost inconceivable to achieve in their home country, Italy.  Despite having formed them professionally to venture out into the world, it was unable to offer them similar opportunities to fulfill their dreams and benefit their potential.

They faced and challenged life fearlessly and in love and sadly they faced death in the same way, they died together and without fear.

From the early days right after the tragedy, Marco’s parents had expressed their intention to do something special to honour and cherish the memory of these two young people.  They wanted them to be remembered and desperately needed to find a meaning to condone such a tremendous tragedy.  

The London Tower, for now a symbol of death, had to be given a new sense of virtue, it had to somehow give back hope and seek a symbol of new life.  

Hence finally their mission was born, they believed there was a need to form a deserving Trust and it is thanks to the praiseworthy contribution from many of their dear friends that, on September 5th 2018 it was established the FOUNDATION GRENFELLOVE MARCO E GLORIA O.N.L.U.S..


The FOUNDATION, being inspired by the story of Marco and Gloria, operates within the Veneto Region of Italy aiming at encouraging and promoting young people’s education.
On a predominant merit-evaluation basis, it grants scholarships to students from the high schools which were frequented by Marco and Gloria as well as to students from degree, research or doctorate and master courses held by the Iuav (Venice University of Architecture), by giving preference to theses in the field of territory safeguard, environment and building safety; it also provides educational materials or tools to schools at all levels.
Board of Directors
President: Giannino Gottardi
Vice President: Daniela Burigotto
Board Members: Francesco Barisan, Carlo Michelino, Francesca Tollardo.

Constitutive Act