November 2019

14 November 2019

Giannino takes part in “Unomattina – L’Italia che vale” (Rai 1).

8 November 2019

Giannino and Daniela take part in “I Fatti Vostri” (Rai 2).

6 November 2019

Giannino is interviewed by Radio Capital, an Italian Rome-based network.

October 2019

29 October 2019

An exhibition about Tel Aviv, with Grenfellove among its patrons, is held in the Trecento (the three hundred city-council’s members) palace in Treviso to honour the first centennial of Bauhas (the German art, architecture and design school), having strongly influenced the Israeli town building style in the ‘930s.

26 October 2019

Grenfellove is awarded a special prize in the framework of the 1 st Town-of-Carrara Anita-Fiaschi Literary Prize.

19 October 2019

“Prev.in.tour Treviso”, a safety-devoted day, is held for raising professionals’ knowledge and citizens’ awareness, with the Treviso-province Engineers’
professional association of the province of Treviso as the main organizers and Marco’s parents as special guests.