The path of my thesis, as well as the academic one, was solid and full of emotions, both positive and negative, however a part of the experiences I hope to have been helpful for my growth. I think that these experiences should be the basis of my way of thinking.
My master’s degree in Architecture should only be a permission enabling me to be helpful to those who may have been less lucky or simply need me. Along my route I met a substantial amount of people I hope I have transferred to something good, at least a small souvenir. This is one of my biggest prides and one of my most genuine victories. So, having read the principles inspiring Grenfellove to help young graduates and having been granted this prize make my heart warmer, as I really hope to not disappoint those who have trusted me and to make them proud.
With regard to the thesis subject, jointly with my fellow Nicola I tried to rework an architectural idea in order to make areas, buildings, medical offices or hospitals capable of improving individual lives thanks to their inherent features and of acting as therapies themselves, far from being pretentious.
I sincerely look forward to improving the lives of people I will meet in my future, as far as possible, and to expressing my gratitude to those who have trusted me, as the Foundation has in the persons of Giannino and Daniela.