When I started writing my thesis, many doubts arose about how to proceed and the subjects to face. Eventually, also thanks to my supervisor’s help, I found inspiration in a novel dealing with territorial survey in a lively and captivating way.
As we have become accustomed to travelling and catching last-minute incredibly-cheap accommodation offers, we use to frenetically move thousands of miles away in a handful of hours, sitting in a comfortable and air-conditioned seat. Nevertheless, if we used to stop more frequently in order to enjoy any close beauties, we could more and more amazingly realize that the hardest trip may be slowing down and delighting in neighbouring masterworks.
I’ve met joys and pains in the various steps of my path, but, now that this part of my education is over, I am grateful for the personal enrichment and development I could get from any of the experiences I’ve had and of the people I’ve met. Even more satisfying is feeling that the work I’ve done during so many months can spark an interest in other hearts, which are astonishingly willing to encourage young people to dream big and to bravely trust the life that is in front of them.