The project I developed is set timewise in 2012: it is a retrospective project that respects criteria and objectives that the client set out but doesn’t avoid the design aspects connected to safety and fire prevention, whose costs are made economically viable through an extension of the tower itself.
The methodology that brought me to the definition of the project is intrinsically connected to the analysis of current UK regulations, which dictate limits and at the same time the possibility of development of the restoration and extension of the tower.
This work wants to highlight the design potential that can be born out of the necessities dictated by the fire regulation and energy compliance, demonstrating how the restauration of the Grenfell Tower could have also been a great occasion of urban regeneration for the whole area adjacent to Lancaster West Estate.
My intention and the intention of the tutors who helped me was to stress with this thesis the importance and responsibility that is in every architecture project and remember in this way Marco and Gloria, without saying their names as a form of respect.
I only met Marco and Gloria through the witnesses of the ones who told their story.
Their story is the realisation of a dream that many people and many young architects like me have: to find a place, in Italy or abroad, in which to reach with satisfaction their own potential and their passion for architecture.