Achieving such a beautiful and important goal, as a degree is, forces one to review the route they just accomplished.
I go back to who I was five years ago quite tenderly: a person with little experience but a lot of hope in those people who would come with me along this route. I can’t call it a long route anyway, because its end, which seemed to be so far and unreachable, is now a pleasant memory.
Time flew by, albeit rapidly, and busy days full of obstacles were scattered with a lot of people who – each in their own way – added a piece to this story and undoubtedly turned me into the present person; I’m referring to my professors, who played a substantial role in my building my knowledge; to my newly-acquired friends, who shared my everyday life; and, obviously, to my family, who supported me and has been constantly teaching me values I will always carry with me. This award allows me to include, although only remotely, also other people to such a long list: Giannino and Daniela, whose dedication and love for us young people I deeply appreciate.
I’m twenty-five now and I am in a wind whirl of changes due to passing time. In this turmoil of emotions, doubts, and questions, I feel only right to address my thoughts to Marco and Gloria: in my own small way, I hope that the passion and love I put daily in my developing career may make them a little bit proud.